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Bowtech - The Original Bowen Technique

Bowen elbow moveThe Bowen Technique is extremely effective, innovative and holistic. Bowen is suitable for all ages and a vast number of problems from sports injuries to migraines to baby colic and more.

Bowen therapy works by stimulating the body's own healing mechanisms, and many people now think it is the most healing of all the modalities.

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A Bowen treatment is gentle but has a powerful effect. No manipulation is required as your body responds to the tiny signals of precise, light touch by balancing and re-setting itself , thus naturally healing, alleviating pain, and recovering energy.

A Bowen treatmnent also feels WONDERFULLY relaxing!

Bowen treatments can help new and long standing complaints with the following common conditions being successfully treated:

Bowen WristBack Pain and Sciatica including Preganancy
Sports Injuries
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Migraines AND Headaches
Hip, Knee, Leg, and Foot Problems
Respiratory Problems including Asthma
Digestive and Bowel Complaints including I.B.S., Crohns Disease, and Gall Bladder issues.
Hormonal Problems Including PMS, Period Pain, and Infertility
Colic, and Unsettled Babies

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The medical profession tend to take a symptomatic view of disease and ailments. Bowen therapy is truly holistic in its approach, one Bowen move may address the entire system and the bodys fine balance producing the best result with minimal intervention.



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