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Argyll Bowen Practice Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from my clients who have found my Bowen treatments extremely beneficial:

Julie said:

I was suffering a lot of pain from a strain injury to my elbow, caused by too much typing. As I am a writer, I was concerned this was the beginning of an entrenched condition. Hazel's Bowen treatments are deceptively subtle, for though they are not at all invasive, they turn out to be the most powerful healing treatments I think I have had, and I have tried many things! It took a few weeks of committed treatments, but then there was a sudden turn around, and though I am still typing as much, the pain is virtually gone. I am thrilled that it worked so well at healing my arm, but am still going for treatments, as I have found Bowen to be great for general stress management and body balancing. I also suffer from a digestive issue and am focusing on that now my arm is better. It is totally relaxing, and I can feel my body unwinding and flooding with energy. This is just as much to do with Hazel's quiet, nurturing manner as her obvious skill. I could not be happier.

Alistair said:

I found Bowen to be a very relaxing treatment that counters the amount of plane travel and computer work I do. The treatments helped to provide relief from an old neck injury, where I had compensated for the imbalance in my neck by tensing deep muscles and tendons in my shoulders. Bowen helped this to unwind, encouraging my body to let go of the tightness and helping to prevent the problem recurring. It also dealt almost instantly with impending tendonitis in my elbow. As a person used to more manipulative massage-type treatments, it seems so gentle - but it works. I also found Hazel's calm presence healing in itself!

Ray Grant, Oban says:

Having experienced hip pain (bursitis)  for some time I decided to try Bowen Therapy. My hip pain was relieved after a couple of treatments. So impressed, I asked if it might help my mild High Blood Pressure. After one treatment I had readings of 120/80 and below. Plus, relief for my stiff neck which I had forgotten about! I still go to Hazel regularly for stress management and general health maintenance and just because I enjoy the sessions so much. 

Lynda Grant, Oban says:

Seeing the benefits that my husband received after Bowen Therapy I decided to have a few treatments myself, just for relaxation purposes.  The quality of sleep I get after a treatment is amazing. Needless to say, when I recently pulled a tendon at the back of my knee, Hazel and Bowen saw to it that I made the quickest possible recovery. A gentle and enjoyable experience, I am glad to have discovered Bowen Therapy.  

Bella says:

I came to Bowen from failed osteopathy. From the  moment Hazel began I felt a warmth travel my whole back. I felt completely calm and the balance that she managed to attain was amazing. For me the Bowen treatments have been incredible and although my back is feeling great I coontinue to have treatments, it maintains my body balance and acts as an extraordinary stress relief. Hazel definately has 'heeling hands' her calm and gentle manner is perfect.

Charlie says:

I had accute back pain and could hardly move. I didn't know what to expect of Bowen, however, from my wifes positive experiences I gave Hazel a call.  After 30 minutes of treatment and realising the energy that was spinning around my body and head was real,  I accepted that Bowen Technique might work for me. I took one hours rest after the treatment and bounced up, hardly believing I felt so good and could move again. I am converted!!!!!



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