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Bowen Therapy
Who uses Bowen therapy?

The Bowen Technique is so gentle that it is suitable for everyone, from the youngest baby, to the most frail and infirm person. There are however, some specific groups of people who regularly attend and benefit from its treatment:

Sports players: Tend to heal amazingly fast and completely in response to Bowen’s signals. Also they report improved performance due to the re-balancing and re-aligning effect and less tendency to re-injure.

Pregnant women: Back pain in pregnancy is unfortunately very common and is also typically hard to alleviate. Bowen is both suitable and effective in treating this and many other pregnancy-related conditions. See our Bowen in Pregnancy page.

Babies: Bowen therapy is gentle enough for the youngest baby and is effective at dealing with colic, reflux, unsettlement, and other conditions. Most mums also report that their baby sleeps better following treatment.

People suffering from Chronic Conditions e.g.  Fibromyalgia, M.E., M.S.:  These dreadful and debilitating conditions respond well to the gentle, healing, re-balancing treatment. Sufferers often find that their pain is diminished, muscle control is improved and energy levels lifted. Some clinical trials carried out recently in the USA support this.

Back/Musculo-Skeletal pain:  The unique action of Bowen therapy on the musculo-skeletal system means that this re-aligns and re-balances, thus adjusting the cause of any pain and its subsequent compensation problems. It has found to be of great benefit to those suffering from back, neck, shoulder, hip, leg and knee problems.

Frail and elderly people:  Bowen therpay is so gentle that it is suitable for the most frail of people who usually find that pain diminishes, mobility improves and well-being is enhanced.

This list is not at all exhaustive, MOST people have some form of postural imbalance and will benefit from the lovely, re-balancing effect of Bowen therapy.


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